I am very excited and proud to announce my candidacy for Coral Springs City Commissioner.

I have resided in Coral Springs with my family since 2010, after moving from Connecticut to the Sunshine State. We immediately fell in love with the great appeal of this city that we proudly continue to call home.

After working for many years as an engineer in the aerospace and nuclear industries, I enthusiastically embraced the role as a stay-at-home parent to our two precious babies. I went on to complete my MBA in Marketing and immediately became involved in a myriad of local groups, school and recreational programs.

I have an amazing and dedicated husband of 11 years and two beautiful children, Greg (9) and Isabella (8), that attend our local public school. My family is my pride and joy and truly my main reason behind my decision to run for City Commission. I want to help make Coral Springs a place where they (and all children and families) are always safe in school, parks and wherever they go. I would also like to work on making Coral Springs more business and family friendly. It currently has high business and property taxes. I would like to work on lowering taxes without lowering the quality of life.

In order to succeed, I am in the process of recruiting a team of amazing and dedicated volunteers to create a fun, motivated and focused campaign team! Please contact me if you are interested! I would love to welcome you to our team!

I also need your help in meeting my first campaign goal of $1,400 for the qualifying fees to get my name on the ballot. Please consider a donation. Any amount is appreciated (not to exceed $1000). You can donate directly here:

It would be an honor to serve our amazing community with my sincere integrity and dedication.

Warm regards,
Melissa Martinez Cipriano

Political Advertisement paid for and Approved by Melissa Martinez Cipriano, candidate for Coral Springs City Commission, non-partisan.

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